One of the Top Franchises in Education: La Piazza Academy

Nov 8, 2022 | News

The education of children is one of the prized attributes of an advanced society. Creating engaged critical thinkers for tomorrow’s changemakers is part of what makes La Piazza Academy stand out among top franchises in education.

At the heart of La Piazza Academy’s success are the children. They’re highly capable, curious people who believe in their ability to discover, create, and solve the problems they face by simply finding the right solutions.

At every La Piazza Academy, we give them the tools to do just that, so our students grow to become critical thinkers with the capacity to change the world. It’s why we are not just one of the top education franchises, but one of the top franchises in the US.

So how do we do it?

How Project-Based Learning Makes La Piazza Academy a Top Franchise

What is project-based learning? The simplest definition is to create a large-scale project the class can work on together to challenge themselves, acquire first-hand experience, and explore deeper knowledge into a subject.

Some examples might be:

  • Plan a city, including housing, recreation, government, resources, utilities, etc.
  • Create a recycling program to rejuvenate a decrepit park
  • Develop a mobile app
  • Build a photo documentary
  • Create a business model

Teachers at La Piazza Academy ensure its status as a top franchise by ascribing to this dynamic classroom approach, where students actively participate in real-world problems that challenge them to create and experience what it’s like to be involved.

Traditional schools assign projects at the end of the unit. At La Piazza Academy, project-based learning, or PBL, is the unit. The project is explored over a period of weeks, while teachers incorporate grade-appropriate instruction designed to achieve academic standards.

Students learn the content and skills required to collaborate, think critically about solutions, and revise their work if and when their solutions don’t initially produce expected results. When the project reaches a satisfying conclusion, it’s then publicly shared.

Project-based learning is a big reason La Piazza Academy is one of the top US franchises.

La Piazza Academy’s Standards are Why We’re a Top Franchise in Education

1. Peaceful, Engaging Environment

Project-based learning needs the right environment. Children need to feel safe to explore not just the project as it’s introduced, but their feelings and thoughts around the project.

They need room to try solutions within the project’s framework, and adapt those solutions when it becomes clear the results could be improved upon. Children need support to keep thinking, to keep trying, so their solutions shine brighter with each iteration.

La Piazza Academy prides itself on the peaceful, engaging environment that makes us one of the best franchise opportunities in the nation.

It’s this community-focused, collaborative, innovative education that elevates La Piazza Academy above other top franchises in education, and creates a learning environment in which parents are excited to enroll their children.

2. Teacher Training

We couldn’t achieve the exciting, progressive, multilingual, experiential learning we are so proud of at La Piazza Academy without our teachers.

To keep them at the forefront of education and on the cutting edge of learning techniques, we constantly train them with updated methodologies that are carefully researched and held to a higher standard.

La Piazza Academy takes our role as educators to the next level, and we can only do that by being as up-to-date as possible on the latest teaching standards and learning science.

As a private academy, we hold ourselves to a higher standard than is required by state regulations, and we hold ourselves to greater expectations. This is another reason we are one of the top franchises in 2022.

3. Family Involvement

We could not achieve the incredible things we do with the children in our care without the active participation of the families who have chosen us to educate their young ones.

They don’t care that we’re one of the top franchises. They only care about how much their children thrive in our peaceful classrooms, how their young minds expand and grow with our experiential learning standards, and how much they enjoy our programs.

The families that become part of the La Piazza Academy community are a crucial part of our overall success. Afterall, they’re often outside-of-the-box thinkers and world travelers themselves. Many of our parents are in creative professions, like actors or musicians, that have sparked inspiration in others, and they want a higher level of engagement for their children.

La Piazza Academy fits the requirements of the engaged parent who wants their child to experience the world with a progressive perspective. They love that our programs, such as Atelier (our art program led by Atelieristas with fine arts degrees) and Music embrace connecting these mediums with human emotions.

No, the families we serve don’t care we’re one of the top 500 franchises. They care that we can help their children become the future changemakers in the world, and give them a stellar education that can’t be found with other education programs.

How to Become a La Piazza Academy Franchise Owner

Franchise investors, however, do care that La Piazza Academy is one of the top franchises to buy. So how can you become a part of one of the top franchise companies?

  1. Qualified investors can expect an initial investment estimate between $599,300 and $1,368,000, which includes a $90,000 franchise fee.
  2. Investors can choose between a preschool or a preschool + elementary school hybrid model for their investment in the La Piazza Academy top franchise.
  3. Each school’s modern design is between 6,000 and 12,000 square feet to accommodate classrooms by age, with space for Atelier, music, and physical education programs.

For an industry worth $245 billion in the US, we’re incredibly excited to offer franchising opportunities to inspired investors. While we’re beginning with Florida where the market has embraced our first locations, we’re open to other areas where investors may be inspired to open one of the top franchises in the nation.

Education is a lucrative and rewarding business to be a part of, and at La Piazza Academy, we stand above the rest in the quality of education and the standards we offer the families enrolled with us. If you’d like to become a part of the La Piazza Academy family, contact us today or download our industry outlook to learn more!