How Much Does a Daycare Franchise Cost? Perhaps La Piazza Academy has a Better Idea

Jan 6, 2023 | News

One of the most frequent questions we see concerning early childhood education is how much a daycare franchise costs to open. 

It’s an important question, but perhaps a more important one is what if the costs of starting a daycare are so much more than the money required to open the facility?

La Piazza Academy has an alternative to the typical preschool franchise. Nurturing children is a wonderful calling. La Piazza Academy has found a way to nurture children that creates the future explorers and innovators of the world, and we’re sharing our franchising model with entrepreneurs who have a passion for education that’s beyond the usual memorization and recitation of today’s schools.

How Much Does a Daycare Franchise Cost?

First, let’s answer the question: how much does a daycare franchise cost?

We gathered information on five of the biggest names in the early childhood education franchise industry to get their daycare franchise costs. The numbers we learned are simply examples of the range in the industry and are not indicative of the only investment possibilities available.

Among these five daycare franchises, franchise fees ranged between $40,000 and $135,000. 

For these same daycare franchises, their initial investment estimates varied quite widely depending on whether entrepreneurs leased or purchased their preschool franchise space. 

For leased space, investors could expect an investment range between $475,000 to around $1,919,750. For purchased space, that range began around $2,445,300 and went all the way up to $8,958,200.

But opening an early education school is about so much more than a daycare franchise cost.

It’s about More than Daycare Franchise Cost

At La Piazza Academy, we’re about so much more than the preschool franchise cost.

We’re building tomorrow’s big dreamers and changemakers. We’re inspiring the explorers and the innovators. How do we do that? By teaching in a way that sparks our students’ curiosity, and by giving the children room to question their environment and how they relate to the world around them.

This is done with 4 core pillars of learning. 

Social Constructivism Approach to Education

We believe that learning to solve real-life problems happens in a social manner through shared experiences and talking with others. That’s how humans develop new ideas and match them against existing knowledge. It’s how learners adapt new rules and make sense of their world. This is true for children, too.

The Reggio Emilia Educational Philosophy

Children are strong, adept, and competent people who have a wonder about their surroundings and a curiosity that drives them to learn. By indulging this desire to understand and know about the world around them, the Reggio Emilia Educational Philosophy gives teachers the framework to observe and give children room to explore rather than tell them what to do. 

In this way, children learn to indulge their creative and critical thinking skills and adapt solutions to problems in real-time as new information becomes available. This builds the learner’s confidence and strengthens them socially as they learn together with their peers, and develop skills for voicing their opinions and ideas.

Project-Based Learning (PBL)

In conjunction with the Reggio Emilia Educational Philosophy, PBL works as a dynamic classroom approach that immerses students in a real-world problem or challenge that requires them to gain deeper knowledge. Some examples of projects in La Piazza Academy students may take on are:

  • Building a tiny house
  • Developing a school garden
  • Rejuvenating a community park
  • Planning a city
  • Solving an environmental problem
  • Designing a farm

Students are given a real-world question and explore it over weeks or months, while teachers introduce grade-appropriate instruction designed to meet goals or academic standards. Students collaborate and think critically, often needing to revise their work throughout the project. At the project’s end, they share their findings publicly.

Socio-Emotional Wellness

The fourth core principle is nurturing socio-emotional wellness so children become well-adjusted, global citizens. They’re encouraged to master concepts, processes, and skills while building connections. They’re also encouraged to self-reflect and collaborate with peers, learning “how to think” rather than “what to think.” This prepares them for real-world interaction with confidence, compassion, and a genuine ability to become future changemakers.

Choosing another preschool or daycare facility besides La Piazza Academy may be the true daycare franchise cost.

Investing in a La Piazza Academy Franchise

For us at La Piazza Academy, the daycare franchise cost means so much more than simply the expenses involved in opening one of our franchise locations.

We also understand that investment dollars are an important factor in making the decision to join the La Piazza Academy family of educators. We hope this article is just the beginning of our conversation with potential franchisees interested in making the La Piazza Academy investment.

The initial investment estimate for opening a La Piazza Academy franchise location is between $599,300 and $1,368,000, which includes the franchise fee of $90,000.

For everything La Piazza Academy can do for our learners, we’re excited that our investment requirements are, compared to the five early childhood education franchises noted above, at the smaller side of the typical industry range for daycare franchise costs. This means we can potentially help more children and their families become future changemakers!

La Piazza Academy Support

For this investment, our franchisees receive comprehensive support that begins when the franchising agreement is signed. This includes:

  • Start-Up Guidance that includes expert advice for the ideal location for your school based on our knowledge and specifications for past La Piazza Academy locations. For an additional fee, we can also provide construction guidance to help with the creation of a learning space that more cohesively supports the La Piazza Academy curriculum and teaching methods.
  • Initial training for you and your team members at our flagship Academy. This includes in-class and on-the-job training to have the utmost confidence for your Academy’s opening. Members of our team will also be at your Academy near the first day of school!
  • Ongoing support continues after the first day of school. We’ll check in with you often, and we’re always a phone call away for whatever needs you may have. Our goal is to help you and your staff thrive, so you’ll be given as many professional development opportunities for you and your staff as possible.

These are just some of the possibilities with La Piazza Academy. If you agree that the quality of the franchise is about so much more than the daycare franchise cost, then give us a call or download our informative industry outlook today to learn how to become the next La Piazza Academy franchise owner!